Your Roadmap To Becoming A Web 3.0 Developer

technology Dec 1, 2021

So most of us have heard about blockchains and how it is going to be the future, but exactly how is blockchain going to help us, what shall the future look like, and as a software developer how can you prepare yourself for the same.

First, if you are not aware of web 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, you can read an excellent article explaining each of the features and differences of the same. So once you understand the differences it is clear that right now although for a good minimum of 4-5 years web 2.0 is not going anywhere it is also an excellent idea to prepare ourselves for the change if it is to come. Also, you will be able to take advantage of the ride and create websites which might be the next big thing. So how can we prepare ourselves for the change?


You should have knowledge of web development before starting anything else. Javascript is a must to know before starting. There are 100s of free tutorials about it on youtube, be sure to check it out. You will have absolutely no trouble finding one that suits your need.

1. Learn about Blockchain

Blockchain serves as the foundation of Web 3.0; Web 3.0 would not be possible without the systems provided by blockchain. The enhanced security and privacy offered with blockchain is something that the developers of Web 3.0 are using to appeal to internet users. Since blockchain is a decentralized system, there is no single point of control that could be easily hacked. For Web 3.0, this means that individual websites and the internet, in general, would be much more secure against attacks. Users would not have to worry about their information being deleted or compromised. Together, Web 3.0 and blockchain will allow for better cryptocurrency trading and mining.

An excellent website to get a hang of how blockchain works is a project by Anders Brown

2. Learn about Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are how you can actually program the blockchain. They are code deployed to the chain, written in some language that blockchain nodes can execute.

Smart contracts can nearly do everything, from fungible and non-fungible tokens to the backend of your next decentralised app. They are, however, different from the code you usually write. They'll make up a good portion of your future work, so better understand them well.

The one I loved the most is of Ethereum, the documentation is fantastic, easy to understand, and is a very good place to start.

3. Connecting Smart Contracts with Frontend

As in web 2.0, there is a frontend and a backend and you connect both of them to create a full-fledged application, similar shall be the case of web 3.0, your smart contract shall act as a backend and you should be able to connect both of them to create a complete application. Now in the current case, there are various libraries such as React, Vue.js, Django, Flask, etc for Web 3.0 there are mainly 2 libraries which you can explore

  • ethers.js
  • Web3.js

Try learning any one of those technologies.

4. Learn Solidity

There are many blockchains out there, and nearly equally as many of them come with their own unique way of building smart contracts.

Solidity, however, is the language of the Ethereum VM which is integrated into many other blockchains. It won't only serve you well on Ethereum. It will also help you to build smart contracts on other chains.

The one I loved the most is of Ethereum, there is an excellent documentation that involves learning by games which makes it much more fun!!.

Check out a free tutorial of solidity by Dapp which explain solidity in a wonderful way!!

Also an excellent complete tutorial was also built by Patrick Collins and is completely free and is worth checking out.

5. Build Your Portfolio

After all this you can try building your portfolio by developing applications and showcasing your work.

6. Apply

With all that new knowledge and a portfolio, you can begin your job search.

Don't be demotivated when it takes some time, especially if you don't have too much industry experience yet. It might well be that some companies try to get talent with more experience.

Hope you found this article helpful !!


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