How I spent my 4 years of software engineering

experience Jan 27, 2022

Hello friends, in this blog I am not going to explain about what you should do in your college life to get into product based or financed based company neither shall I be giving a roadmap for the same so if you have already decided that I want to go in this xyz company or field than stop reading this... The objective of this blog is something which will vary from person to person and once you read the complete article you shall understand...

So when I first entered college, or in that sense any person enters college most people don't have an idea in the things which they are actually interested in, yes there are subjects you may like reading about a lot and such but how it works in real life very few people may have an idea about it, same was the case for me. One thing but which I had decided was the things I was interested and my hobbies I won't stop learning that, no matter if it was helpful in college or not. You may not even an idea about what you are going to do ahead and the thing is you should not be afraid about this, rather embrace it. College life will be the best time when for you to learn different things, explore and decide what you wish to do with your future, because the amount of free time you will get and the return of reward to effort will be the greatest in your life.

So when I entered in the first year, I explored different different things in college. Almost all colleges shall have a robotics club, coding club, tech-fest, literature etc. Explore as many groups as you wish during the first semester maybe you may find it interesting, maybe not, but do explore because doing this shall help you find people whom you will be able to connect with most and meet like-minded people. I too explored different groups attended coding and robotic workshops, met people from tech--fest and e-cell and much more!!

After the end of first semester you will get the basic understanding about which people you will be able to connect the most and join them. I was interested in chess, so I joined the chess club and I joined the programming club. The reason was less to do with the fact that I wanted to learn programming or prepare for placements but more with the fact that the group was quite small (which I liked) and the people(especially seniors) were very helpful. During the second semester I started learning python and explore the frameworks flask and django and watching youtube videos I created a very simple blog with it.

Then came the summer vacations and the coding group had a program called "Inheritance" in which seniors would help you create an application. So I found it interesting and in that year I learnt git and android development and created a simple app from which users will be able to signup/login and post images and information about the items they wish they sell/exchange.

Then came 3rd semester and maybe the most interesting semester till date. This was the time I learnt that there was something called competitive programming and as it was new for me I started to explore it, but I found it soon to not be my taste. The reason many people told me that cp is hard and you have to give a few months to it before you enjoy it, but for me it was different I wanted to do something from which I can see results like development. It was fun, more practical and overall better. I did learn the basic data structures and algorithms as I found that to be important but other than that nothing. So I decided to explore other frameworks mainly React and Vue and I loved React more. Also during this semester I attended my first hackathon, had my my first test of JPMC, did my first internship with a senior under a NGO and helped in organising an event of our tech-fest.

Of course during this entire time I did experience my hostel life, watched movies and series, played pubg and enjoyed with roommates all was not studies 🤣.

4th semester was a time when we had to go back home due to Covid and I learnt React and started doing smal small projects from videos and during the summer vacation I created a complete social media application using it (which I later discarded cause ...).

5th semester is the time when most colleges internships start and luckily I got placed quite early in JPMC. As JPMC hires through hackathon my development helped me a lot. You can read the entire experience about it here. After that I started enjoying myself and played a lot of games, watched movies and series a lot. I also tried freelancing a bit but there was not much success from there.

During the 6th semester I started exploring different topics. I started watching videos about all the things which used to interest me. I used to do that before also, but as I got tired of development I started to learn that. I started learning more about finance, law, taxation, astronomy etc some of the topics which I was already interested in, some topics which were new. (The finance part got interesting due to my friend who was also interested in it).

During the summer vacation I had my internship, you can watch about it over here. Currently during my final year I started my own self hosted blog, started a youtube channel learnt video editing and exploring about blockchain technologies, learning solidity and all. I have also started making NFTs, playing on decentraland and have started making my final year project.

What I wanted to say is that, I explored all the different things which can be done, even in that I explored different technologies. What I wanted to convey from this video is that instead of following roadmaps of other people to get into xyz company before knowing what you are getting into does not make sense, especially at this stage of your life. Programming is surely something which is interesting, fun to learn and the thing is that no matter which ever field you choose programming may help you excel in that field, but not everyone is a programmer.


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